Motorcoach Operator Training Policy

Motor Coach Operator Training

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Leave Request Policy

quest for time off must be submitted to the office 7 days prior to the date you will be absent. Time away from work subjected to Managements approval.

Motor coach Cleaning Policy

It is the responsibility of each operator to ensure that the coaches are left in a clean and useable condition after each charter trip.  Each operator will get ONE warning to comply with this process. Thereafter

any reports of NOT following the guidelines can/will lead to reprimand.

Fuel in Motorcoach

Before leaving Motorcoach in lot please check fuel gauge, If fuel gauge is lower than 3/4 tank please full bus.

Driver's Daily Log Policy

Driver's Logs/ DVIRs MUST be submitted daily, after the completion of each trip COMPLETED logs are placed in your mailbox.

The office checks your mailbox daily, if logs are not in your mailbox you can/will receive reprimand.

Personal Appearance and Conduct

All drivers for Adventure Tours are expected to dress, look, and act like professionals.

Adventure Tours drivers must wear blue/black pants, white collar shirts and appropriate shoes.

Adventure Tours will provide a set number these uniformed items to drivers after 90 employment with the company.

Credit Card Usage

Adventure Tours American Express card is to be used for company purposes ONLY

  1. Adventure Tours pays for Out of town/over night meals
  2. Out of town fuel. ( Quarles card if near Quarles location)
  3. Out of Town Bus Wash (Must be Approved by the office.)

Patterns of abuse will also lead to loss of credit card use privileges and/or termination

Dispatch policy

Unless a driver has been pre-approved for a leave of absence, it is required that all full time drivers call each day between the hours of 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm to receive their assignment for the next day's work. Failure to call for work assignment will result in disciplinary action including suspension and termination.

Over Hours/Change of Itinerary Policy

It is the Motor Coach Operator responsibility to contact dispatch with any changes to the itinerary, It is also the Motor Coach Operators responsibility to notify dispatch that a job may go over the end time on their itinerary.

If customers request additional time, call the dispatch let us be the "BAD GUYS".

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