Monthly Refreshers

Module 1 2019 TSS Refresher
Unit 1 TSS Presents: NWMCA WUTC Presentation
Unit 2 TSS Presents: DHS Active Shooter
Unit 3 TSS Disk Brake Vehicles
Unit 4 TSS Presents: MHP Winter Driving Awareness
Unit 5 TSS Presents: Empathy and Trust | Frances Frei TED Talk
Unit 6 TSS Presents: Calls Kill
Unit 7 TSS Theft and Weaponization of Vehicles
Unit 8 TSS Presents: Safety Solutions - Distracted Driving
Unit 9 TSS Engine Brakes and Cruise Control
Unit 10 TSS Presents: CalTran Runaway Truck Ramp
Unit 11 TSS Recreational Cannabis Products and CDL Drivers
Unit 12 TSS Presents: This Might Shock You- Downed Power Line
Unit 13 TSS Presents: Myth of Hands Free Driving
Unit 14 TSS Presents: Safety Solutions - Turns and Tail Swings
Unit 15 TSS Presents: Unconscious Biases | Juliette Powell TEDx Talk
Unit 16 TSS Presents: Safety Solutions - Preventing Slips & Falls
Unit 17 TSS Railroad Crossing Presentation
Unit 18 TSS Presents: Backing Safely
Unit 19 TSS Presents: Overhead Obstacle Strikes
Unit 20 Driving Position Affects Vehicle Control
Unit 21 TSS Collision Scene Process (how to take pictures)
Unit 22 Red Light Running
Unit 23 TSS Reduced Idle Pre-Trip
Unit 24 Overcoming The Challenges Of City Driving
Unit 25 TSS Presents: ODOT OOS Video
Unit 26 TSS Presents: PASS
Unit 27 TSS Presents: Seatbelt Safety - Click, Tug and Snug
Module 2 2020 Q1 TSS
Unit 1 Air Supply System Checks
Unit 2 Study: Pothole damage costs drivers $3 billion per year
Unit 3 What is A.I.D.E.?
Unit 4 What Qualifies as an "EMERGENCY" for Hours of Service
Unit 5 Overhead Branches and Strikes
Unit 6 Turns Turn Turn
Module 3 2020 Q2 TSS
Unit 1 Establishing & Maintaining Safe Following Distances
Unit 2 G.O A.L
Unit 3 Entering The Highway & Establishing Lane Position
Unit 4 Navigating Work Zones & Toll Plazas
Unit 5 Tips on Making Turns
Unit 6 Slips and Falls
Unit 7 Theft and Weaponization of Vehicles
Module 4 2020 Q3 TSS
Unit 1 Bus_ Intersections
Unit 2 Bus_ Traffic Lights
Unit 3 Bus_ Pedestrians & Bicyclists
Unit 4 Bus_ Erratic Drivers & Overhead Clearances
Unit 5 Bus_ Emergency Vehicles & Railroad Crossings
Unit 6 Bus_ Backing
Unit 7 Bus_ Left Hand Turns
Module 5 2020 Q4 TSS
Unit 1 Bus_ Right Hand Turns
Unit 2 LANCER INSURANCE-Avoiding Dangerously Loaded Vehicles, Traffic Packs & Exiting The Highway
Unit 3 LANCER INSURANCE-Stopping On Or Passing Emergency Vehicles On Highway’s Shoulder
Unit 4 LANCER INSURANCE-Protecting your CDL privilege
Unit 5 LANCER INSURANCE-Driving Position Affects Vehicle Control
Unit 6 LANCER INSURANCE-Winter Driving Mistakes Can Be Costly
Unit 7 LANCER INSURANCE-How To Reduce Boarding and Alighting Hazards