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Welcome and thank you for choosing Adventure by Dawn for what we hope will be a safe, prosperous, and fulfilling career. The company you choose to drive for is an important and sometimes difficult decision to make. As a driver associate for Adventure by Dawn, you represent our most important asset. For this reason, we believe your decision to join us was the right one.

We also believe that by working together with honesty, respect, and trust, we can build a long lasting, mutually beneficial, and rewarding relationship.

Orientation overview

Adventure by Dawn has a two day orientation program which all new driver associates are required to complete. Adventure by Dawn's orientation program consists of comprehensive classroom training that will cover a variety of subjects. Among the topics are company policies and procedures, company safety compliance, and regulatory compliance.

After the classroom portion of the orientation has been successfully completed, all new driver associates will be assigned to a driver trainer. The purpose of this time with a company driver trainer is to evaluate the new associate's overall driving skills and techniques, and to apply what has been learned in the classroom to an actual job situation. This time should also be used to familiarize the new driver with Adventure by Dawn's customers, paperwork procedures, policies and procedures, and to answer any questions or concerns which were not addressed in the classroom training.

Personal appearance and conduct

All drivers for Adventure by Dawn are expected to dress, look, and act like professionals. Maintaining a positive, professional, and safe public image is extremely important to Adventure by Dawn. Our drivers are our most visible company representatives to the general public and to our customers, and therefore, need to maintain the highest personal appearance and conduct standards.

Drivers for Adventure by Dawn are expected to follow all company policies and procedures, and abide by all customer plant safety rules. Adventure by Dawn drivers will be trained in, and expected to obey, all federal and state laws and regulations.

All Adventure by Dawn associates are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while at work or on duty. Courtesy and mutual respect for others will be demonstrated at all times. All Adventure by Dawn associates are expected to conduct themselves in this manner, and should expect the same treatment in return. Associates who feel they are not being treated in this manner are to contact their immediate supervisor or Mohammad Khan\ Vice-President for resolution of their concerns.

Adventure by Dawn does not tolerate sexual harassment by any employee, associate, or customer. Any employee who feels he or she is being subjected to any form of sexual harassment has the right to bring the complaint to his or her immediate supervisor or to Mohammad Khan\ Vice-President without fear of retaliation.

Controlled substances and alcohol overview

Adventure by Dawn is committed to a drug and alcohol-free environment. Use of alcohol or the use, sale, purchase, transfer, possession, or presence in one's system of any controlled substance (except medically prescribed drugs) by any employee while on company premises,

engaged in company business, while operating a company vehicle or other equipment, or while operating under the authority of Adventure by Dawn is strictly prohibited.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued regulations which require Adventure by Dawn to implement a controlled substances testing program. Adventure by Dawn will comply fully with these regulations and is committed to providing all of its employees with a safe and drug-free workplace. A copy of or Drug & Alcohol policy will be given to all new hires during orientation.

Customer service overview

Customer service is our product. Adventure by Dawn is committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction to ensure our continued success. Our goal is to consistently deliver zero-defect customer service. If a conflict does arise at a customer location, the driver should not attempt to resolve the issue. In such cases the driver's immediate supervisor, or Adventure by Dawn customer service representative, should be contacted to handle the situation.

Safety compliance overview

All Adventure by Dawn driver associates are expected to perform all functions, duties, and assigned work in a safe, legal, and professional manner.

Any incidents of an Adventure by Dawn driver being instructed to operate in an unsafe or illegal manner should be reported to the driver's immediate supervisor or Mohammad Khan\ Vice-President.

Transporting of any unauthorized passengers is strictly forbidden in any Adventure by Dawn vehicle and is prohibited by Sec. 392.60 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). Any Adventure by Dawn driver who is reported, or is found to have an unauthorized passenger, is subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment. Transporting of animals is strictly forbidden in any Adventure by Dawn vehicle. Transporting of weapons (such as firearms, large knives, etc.) or illegal or dangerous property is not permitted. No weapon or illegal or dangerous material shall knowingly be carried in an Adventure by Dawn vehicle unless specifically authorized by the company.

Adventure by Dawn driver associates are required to obey posted speed limits on all roads traveled. This policy correlates with Adventure by Dawn's overall expectation that its drivers will operate in a safe, legal, and professional manner.

The use of radar detection devices in any Adventure by Dawn vehicle is prohibited. Since it is the company's policy that drivers are required to obey all posted speed limits, the use of any type of radar detection device is unnecessary. In addition, federal regulations prohibit the use/possession of radar detectors in all commercial motor vehicles (Sec. 392.71), and it is the policy of this company to comply with all federal and state regulations.

Adventure by Dawn requires the use of seat belts while driving any company vehicle. Adventure by Dawn's seat belt policy is in accord with federal regulations which require the use of seat belts while driving any commercial motor vehicle (Sec. 392.16).

Hour-of-service and driver logs overview

Adventure by Dawn expects all driver associates to know and comply with the hours-of-service regulations. Therefore, as part of the company's orientation policy, all new drivers, regardless of experience, will be trained and tested in the FMCSRs, Part 395, and Hours of Service of Drivers.

It is the policy of Adventure by Dawn that all drivers are expected to complete accurate, true, neat, and legible logs. Drivers are required to submit their logs on each Monday no later than seven days.

Submitted logs will be audited by the company for accuracy and completeness. Log errors will be brought to the driver's attention for retraining, and/or disciplinary action, if deemed necessary. Adventure by Dawn's dispatch operation is responsible for making certain that no driver is knowingly dispatched into violation of the hours-of-service regulations. Logs are part of your daily job requirement and your job is not completed until all paperwork is completed. All paperwork must be turned in to complete your work and receive your payment for that job.

Vehicle inspection overview

Adventure by Dawn is committed to a strong vehicle inspection program. As part of the company's driver orientation policy, all new driver associates, regardless of experience, will be trained in daily vehicle inspection procedures. These procedures include instructions on how to perform proper preterit and post-trip inspections, on-the-road inspections, and how to prepare company vehicle inspection report forms. If a problem is detected please inform your supervisor immediately so it can be repaired prior to the next day’s service.

Vehicle assignment policy

Adventure by Dawn assigns vehicles to drivers this allows each driver to be responsible for their bus and allows better management control. Unfortunaly there are times when vehicles and drivers are required to be switched do to situations which better serve our clients. It is the responsibility of the assigned driver to maintain the cleanliness and professional appearance of the vehicle they are driving that day. All drivers are to fuel, clean and sweep their bus after completion of their day’s assignment

Driver pay and benefits review

It is the policy of Adventure by Dawn that all new driver associates receive training in proper payroll procedures in order to ensure consistently accurate paychecks. This training will include Adventure by Dawn prescribed procedures for the completion and submission of charter documents, and other company paperwork. The company will also provide, as part of the orientation program, an overview of the driver pay and benefits package. All paperwork must be completed to receive payment for services.

Driver Time off Request

Drivers  must submit request for time off seven days prior to the first day you will be absent. understand that time away from work is subjected to management approval, coverage and company policies. A written request form is required to be turned in for approval. No verbal request will be accepted. Request forms are located in drivers mailbox area.

Dispatch policy

Adventure by Dawn is committed to providing all drivers with a reasonable supply of work that they will be able to safely and legally perform. The company understands the importance of family and time at home to its drivers, and because of this understanding, Adventure by Dawn is also committed to providing regular, quality time at home for its drivers. Unless a driver has been preapproved for a leave of absence it is required that all full time drivers call each day between the hours of 1:00 pm & 4:00 pm to receive their assignment for the next day's work. Failure to call for work assignment will result in disciplinary action including suspension and termination.

Reporting to work

Drivers are expected to have reliable transportation to get to and from their home terminals. Drivers may not use Adventure by Dawn vehicles for personal use, or for transportation to and from home, unless permission to do so is specifically granted by an authorized Adventure by Dawn official.

Driver performance reviews

All driver associates will be given regular performance reviews. It is the policy of Adventure by Dawn to give and receive feedback in an open and honest manner. In conjunction with this policy, all driver associates will be given performance reviews approximately every twelve months.

Driver / Employee Terminations


Adventure by Dawn recognizes that not every driver or non-driving employee will be able to meet his or her personal or professional development needs or career advancement goals within the company. Further, Adventure by Dawn also recognizes that not all drivers or other employees will be able to meet the company’s standards of conduct, productivity, or safety within their roles. Therefore, Adventure by Dawn will determine the need for drivers or other employees to leave the organization (voluntarily or involuntarily) whenever such need arises.

Employment-at-will statement

Adventure by Dawn adheres to the principle of employment-at-will. In compliance with employment-at-will, Adventure by Dawn or the individual employee may terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all.

The policy and procedures of Adventure by Dawn are not intended to create a contract of employment. Nothing contained in any policy or related procedures of Adventure by Dawn shall constitute a contract of employment or agreement for a definite or specific term of employment. Nor does anything in any policy or related procedures of Adventure by Dawn alter the at-will relationship between the company and its employees. Nothing contained in any policy or related procedures of Adventure by Dawn shall limit or otherwise restrict the option of the company or its employees to terminate the employment relationship. Either party to the employment relationship may terminate the relationship at any time, with or without cause.

Types of termination

There are seven basic types of termination of employment recognized by Adventure by Dawn. The types of termination, complete with their descriptions, include:

  1. Release. A permanent employment separation initiated by the company due to unsatisfactory job or safety performance.
  2. Discharge. A permanent employment separation initiated by the company due to serious misconduct, violation of company policies or related procedures, or for disciplinary reasons. In the event of a discharge, advanced notice is not required and termination of the employment relationship will be considered immediate.
  3. Resignation. A permanent employment separation initiated by the employee. In the event of a resignation, the company may consider reinstatement of the employee if the need for reinstatement consideration should arise. In addition, the company reserves the right to end the employment relationship immediately upon receiving notice of resignation without regard for the time limit stated on the notice.
  4. Temporary Layoff. A temporary separation of employment initiated by the company and due to economic reasons or business conditions.
  5. Permanent Layoff. A permanent separation of employment initiated by the company due to economic conditions, corporate reorganization, or downsizing.
  6. Medical Termination. A voluntary or involuntary separation of employment initiated by the employee or company. A medical termination will be used in the event an employee is determined (by a company approved medical professional) to be unable to perform the duties of his or her job with or without reasonable accommodation. An employee who is terminated for medical reasons may be considered for reinstatement if the medical condition(s) that caused the separation of employment has been cured, successfully treated, or no longer exists.
  7. Deceased.

Serious misconduct

Adventure by Dawn expects its employees to conduct themselves in a professional and safe manner at all times and with due regard and respect to the company, other employees, and external customers and vendors. In addition, Company expects all employees to understand and adhere to all company policies and procedures. Adventure by Dawn will take all appropriate and necessary disciplinary action when any employee is found to have violated company policy, procedures, other work rules, or engaged in serious misconduct. Appropriate disciplinary action may include verbal or written warnings, progressive disciplinary measures, or immediate separation of employment (see Discharge above).

The company considers serious misconduct or other work rule violation behaviors to include (but not limited to) the following:

  • A failure to comply with company policies or procedures.
  • Unacceptable job performance.
  • An unwillingness or inability to follow management instruction and/or direction.
  • Refusal to accept a work assignment.
  • Reporting to work or responding to a call-in situation in an unfit condition including being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other controlled substances.
  • Being in possession of illegal drugs (controlled substances), alcohol, firearms, or weapons of any kind while on (or in) company property.
  • Intentionally delaying operations or other work activities, or influencing others to do so.
  • Unprofessional conduct with co-workers, customers, or vendors.
  • Sexual harassment as well as verbal, physical, or psychological harassment due to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age , or any other protected characteristic under state or federal law.
  • Conducting non-work-related activities during work hours or using Company property for non-work-related activities.
  • Excessive absence, unexcused absence, or job abandonment, excessive tardiness.
  • Failure to call in for next day's assignments as required by company policy.
  • Falsification or destruction of company records or documents, failure to complete DOT required documents properly and/or unauthorized disclosure of confidential company information.
  • Theft and/or destruction of company property, assets, services; or theft and/or destruction of other employees’ personal property.
  • Smoking in restricted/prohibited areas of the company. (inside of a motor coach)
  • Violation of company safety or fire prevention rules, policies, and related procedures.
  • Fighting on company, customer, or vendor premises.
  • Carelessness with regard to personal hygiene and appearance.




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